Mrs. Janae Byker

Professional Biography

I graduated from Calvin College with a BA in Elementary Education and Integrated Science. I have been fortunate enough to experience teaching in several different settings and age groups.  After graduating from Calvin I taught all day kindergarten at William C. Abney Academy downtown Grand Rapids.  My husband and I moved to Indiana where I taught middle and high school students at Pinnacle, a school for students with dyslexia.  When we moved back to Michigan I was blessed with my current position as a kindergarten teacher.  I am currently taking classes at Calvin College working towards my Masters degree.  I am active as a member of the Science Curriculum and global Awareness Committees, and I also attend workshops and conventions as they become available. Providing high quality, hands-on learning with differentiation for each student is important to me.

Personal Biography

I grew up in Savanna, Illinois with my parents, brother, and sister.  I moved to Michigan to attend Calvin College where I met and married my husband, Joe.  We moved to Indiana so that he could get his MBA, and then came back to Michigan where we currently live and plan to stay.  God has blessed us greatly with one daughter and another child soon to come.  Being a parent is a new type of joy that I am crazy passionate about.

Joe and I enjoy spending lots of time with friends and family.  We also enjoy traveling and take every opportunity to do so both in the USA and abroad.

Philosophical Biography

It is my belief that people learn best when constructing their own knowledge.  As a class we are able to infuse each day with our own experiences and understandings of the world.  In our community we share openly how God meets us in our everyday life and how he is there in our times of need as well.  One of the reasons why I love teaching at Hudsonville Christian school is because we are able to see how God is not just God on Sunday, He is not a God of the gaps.  Our God is omnipotent and omnipresent.  We get to discover him in math, science, art, and all other parts of our day.  God is so great and I am blessed to share in a community who knows, loves, and seeks the Lord.  Through Him we construct our knowledge of the world around us.

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