Psalm 136

…”God’s love endures forever…”

Mrs. Laura Mast

Professional Biography

 I feel very blessed and excited to teach art at Hudsonville Christian Middle School. I have previously taught art at Grand Rapids Christian Middle School for three years. Art is something that I continually grow more and more passionate about, and I am thankful for all of the experience I have gained through obtaining an art education degree at Calvin College, multiple student teaching experiences, and many summers as a camp instructor.

Personal Biography

I was born and raised in Holland, and am currently living in Zeeland with my husband, Jordan, and puppy, Nala. I enjoy being active and adventurous, which looks like a game of beach volleyball or hiking or even traveling around the world, depending on the week. Creating is another passion of mine, especially when it involves paint or clay.

Philosophical Biography

When a student walks into my room, they are going to be given the opportunity to use various mediums to explore, express, and celebrate the unique intricacies of themselves, their community, and their world. As a tool for communication that is found all around us, art is an avenue in which students will become active thinkers engaging with topics across the spectrum and looking at how our faith impacts our role in this world. I believe that art vitally contributes in shaping each of us into agents of Christ, active and ready to spread the glory of God and His deep love.