Mrs. Sue Spotts

Professional Biography

Hudsonville Christian and Unity Christian High School provided my early education. I spent my college years at Hope College, graduating in 1988,  and continued with graduate work at Grand Valley State University. My teaching career basically has centered around middle school students. Dutton Christian, Hudsonville Christian and Hamilton Middle are the schools where I have taught numerous subjects for the past 29 years. Currently, I am loving 4thgraders.

Personal  Biography

The Spotts family has four members. Kevin has taught Biology at Hamilton Community Schools for many years. Aric is an elementary teacher who began his teaching career at Manistee Public School in the fifth grade but is now at HCS. Anna is a student at MSU Medical School and is married to Noah Sall. The Spotts family enjoys traveling, hanging out with teenagers, and playing Settlers of Catan. We are members of Haven Reformed Church in Hamilton.

Philosophical Biography

One Bible verse that continues to catch my attention is the first phrase of Ephesians 3:20. It says, “Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine…” Isn’t it great that Jesus has a plan for each of us that is SO much bigger than we can even comprehend? I find it interesting how kids will come back years after being in my class and relate what was meaningful for them. Sometimes the most insignificant word or activity made a huge impact on them… “Immeasurably more” than I would have ever asked or imagined. At Hudsonville Christian, I hope to help teachers and students realize they have so much to offer, “immeasurably more,” to the broken world around us.