1 John 4:11(The Message)

“My dear, dear friends, if God loved us like this, we certainly ought to love each other. “

Mrs. Tricia Kiepert

Professional Biography

I graduated from Calvin College in 1997 with a BA in Elementary Education and an endorsement in Early Childhood Education.  Since then I have taught a variety of grade levels, ranging from first through sixth grades, at Christian schools in Hudsonville, Zeeland, and Chicago.  I love sharing my passion for books and reading with anyone who will listen.

Personal Biography

My husband and I live in Hudsonville and are the proud owners of a very cute and mischievious cat.  We like to explore museums and scour used book sales (without the cat, of course).  I love to read, cook, and bake in my spare time.

Philosophical Biography

In my classroom, I want the students to feel safe, comfortable, curious, happy, and loved.  I also feel that all people, adults and children alike, work and learn best when they feel they are a valued part of a community.

During the first few weeks of school, I introduce some of God’s Big Words.  Some examples of these words are encourage, patience, love, imitate, kindness, forgive, talk, and grace.  As the words are introduced with a story or devotional that relates to first graders, I put the word up on our classroom wall along with an applicable Bible verse.  We spend a lot of time reviewing what all of these big words mean and incorporating them into our daily adventures and learning.  For instance, we might use the words talk and kindness when we are discussing a book character who is not treating others well.   We also might use the words love, forgive, and encourage when a playground issue arises or someone hurts another’s feelings in class.  Using these words on a daily basis in our classroom helps us build a community of people who are all focused on becoming more like Jesus.

It is such a privilege for me to be able to teach in a Christian school.  I am able to share my faith daily with my students and, in turn, see them blossom in their faith journeys as the year progresses.