Ms. Joy DeWindt

Professional Biography

I graduated from Calvin College with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education, with concentrations in Integrated Science and Language Arts. I did my student teaching at Dutton Christian, where I taught 7th and 8th grade science. It was a wonderful experience that solidified my sense that God was calling me to middle school.
Personal Biography
I grew up in the West Michigan area. Despite living in Hudsonville, I attended Jenison Christian through 8th grade before Unity Christian for high school along with my two brothers. In my free time, I enjoy reading, running, and playing board games with whoever will agree to play with me. I also love music, playing the piano and especially singing as a member of the Grand Rapids Symphonic Chorus.
Philosophical Biography
During college, I had experiences teacher aiding and observing in Grand Rapid’s public and charter schools. While I enjoyed those placements, I always felt as though something was missing and realized my desire to work in a Christian school. Growing up in Christian schools has made me understand what an amazing community we have with our fellow believers, and there’s no better place for a child to be educated. I was blessed to have been raised in Christian education, and I can say first hand what an important impact it has on children. Serving as a librarian at Hudsonville Christian, I hope the books I bring to students helps them grow not just in their love for literature but also in love for their neighbour as they read about perspectives and experiences different from their own.