2017-2018 Tuition Scale

Actual Tuition CostRequired Tuition RateEnrollment Fee
3 School (1 – 1/2 day)$380     $380        $38.00
3 School (2  – 1/2 days)$715     $715        $71.50
4 School (2 – 1/2 days)$915     $915         $91.50
4 School (3 – 1/2 days)$1,290  $1,290      $129.00
Young 5’s$3,600  $3,400      $170.00
Kindergarten (3 day to 4 day)$5,040  $4,500      $225.00
Kindergarten (4 day)$5,760  $4,950      $250.00
Kindergarten (5 day)$7,200  $5,750      $290.00
One enrolled in grades   1-8$7,200  $7,100      $360.00
Two enrolled in   1 – 8$14,400$12,120      $600.00
Three enrolled in   K – 8$21,600$16,480      $825.00
Four or more enrolled in Young 5’s – 8$28,800$19,980     $1,000.00

Tuition Rate
When calculating tuition cost, Hudsonville Christian will use the required tuition rate in the combination that works to the parents’ benefit.  Actual tuition costs are also given.

Tuition Assistance
Most families who require tuition assistance are eligible to receive some type of financial aid from the Hudsonville Christian School Tuition Assistance Fund. We will do everything we can to help parents make Christian School a reality for their child. Please contact Dan Pott at to request financial assistance.

Supporting Churches
Families who are members of one of the supporting churches listed below are entitled to an additional overall tuition deduction of $500. (Does not apply to 3 School and 4 School).
Forest Grove CRC
Georgetown CRC
Hillcrest CRC
First Hudsonville CRC
Immanuel CRC
Jamestown CRC
Messiah CRC
Zutphen CRC

Payment Schedule
The following tuition payment plans are available:

  • Weekly (44 weekly payments)
  • Monthly  (10 monthly payments: August – May)
  • Quarterly (4 quarterly payments: August, November, February and May)

Payments can either be paid directly to the school, or you may also elect electronic funds transfer.  All previous tuition for each individual family is expected to be paid prior to enrolling children for the next school year. The school is available to work with families who have remaining account balances.