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Letter From Our Superintendent

Hudsonville Christian School is governed by a Board of 9 elected representatives from the greater Hudsonville Christian School community and 3 HCS Administrators.

Dear Parents,

I write to you as the Superintendent of Hudsonville Christian School, a place where faith and education intertwine to create a transformative experience for students. As an alum of this institution myself, I stand alongside generations of graduates who can testify to the profound impact of a Christian School education on both their academic and spiritual journeys.

With God’s guidance, our devoted leadership team is fully committed to upholding the high standards of academic excellence, fostering a supportive community, and instilling a Christ-centered worldview that defines Hudsonville Christian School and that our world desperately needs. 

Many people inquire about what makes a Christian School education different. Is it the dedicated teachers, the atmosphere of prayer in the classrooms, or the comprehensive Bible curriculum? The resounding answer to all these questions is an emphatic yes. However, the true essence of a Christian School education goes beyond these individual elements. It lies in our unwavering dedication to infuse His Word into every aspect of your child’s educational journey. We challenge both teachers and students alike to grow in their faith and make a difference for Him each day. This holistic approach to education lasts a lifetime and is most successful when we establish a strong partnership between the school and you, the parents.

Our collective goal as a Christian School community is to provide an education that not only nurtures young minds but also shapes lives for Christ. Achieving this mission requires unwavering commitment and diligent effort. It calls for humble and talented educators, as well as engaged families. It relies on the faithfulness of our entire community. Above all, it requires the presence of God, who is actively at work within the walls of our Christian School. I feel incredibly blessed to witness firsthand the incredible things God is doing at Hudsonville Christian School.

A Christian School education is not just an investment; it is a lifelong commitment and a transformative process. It is both an honor and a privilege for us to partner with you on this incredible journey. We humbly ask for your continued prayers as we teach, lead, and serve the students of our Christian School.

Together, as we faithfully serve Him, 

Devon K. Brinks 

Superintendent Hudsonville Christian School

In Your light, we see light.

Psalm 36:9

The School Board

We are grateful to have experienced, wise and Christ-following leaders at Hudsonville Christian School. In partnership with HCS Administration, the School Board oversees the annual budget and school policies, seeking to honor God and advance the mission of HCS. 

  • Chad Van Someren, President
  • Kristen Mulder, Vicar
  • Evamarie Eggebeen, Secretary
  • Kevin Ferner, Treasurer
  • Dustin Cook
  • Darrell Heuker
  • Joel VanNoord
  • Ben Scholten
  • Hope Hoezee
Exterior view of Hudsonville Christian Elementary School in Michigan

What We Believe

As a school committed to challenging minds and lives for Christ, what we believe matters. The Bible was, is, and will always be our guide. Created by the School Board, all staff and enrolling families must comply with the following Statement of Beliefs.

Statement of Beliefs