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Christian Education: Our Legacy and Commitment

Grandparents hugging student at HCS to represent legacy and family support for Christian education

Our History: Dedicated to Christian Education

Established in 1917, Hudsonville Christian School has always been driven by the vision of Christian education and its profound impact on building God’s Kingdom within our community.

The Reformed Tradition

Hudsonville Christian School was founded by the collaboration of the First Christian Reformed Church (Hudsonville) and the Society for Christian Education, comprising churches from the Reformed Church of America and Christian Reformed Church denominations. Together, they aimed to create an academic environment that:

  • Unifies faith and learning
  • Cultivates lives that honor God and serve others
  • Empowers the community to transform and shape culture for Christ

Today, HCS embraces an interdenominational approach, with our diverse families representing 80+ area churches spanning various denominations.

Growth Through God's Provision

When HCS opened its doors in 1917, we welcomed ninety students. Today, our student body exceeds 1,100. Throughout the years, our facilities have expanded as a testament to God’s faithfulness.

  • 1917 – School Avenue Building, housing 3 classrooms
  • 1921-43 – School Avenue Building, addition of 4 new classrooms
  • 1948 – Construction of Oak Street Building
  • 1950-2004 – Oak Street Building, addition of 35+ new classrooms
  • 1968 – Construction of VanBuren Street Middle School, encompassing 13 classrooms
  • 1978-2022 – VanBuren Street Middle School, expansion with 22 new classrooms
  • 2016 – Acquisition of Unity High School Building, incorporating 11 new classrooms 
  • 2023 – VanBuren Street Middle School, upcoming construction of XX new classrooms

An Alliance of Christian Schools

Our story revolves around the vision of Christian education, which remains unwavering. Hudsonville Christian School actively collaborates with and supports other Christian schools in our vicinity. As a member of Eastern Ottawa Christian Schools (EOCS), a regional alliance comprising five elementary and middle schools, as well as Unity Christian High School, we foster a united front in promoting Christian education

Serving God in Hudsonville

Hudsonville Christian School proudly maintains two campuses in the city of Hudsonville. We consider it a blessing to be deeply rooted in this community, valuing our role in providing education and employment opportunities for the people of Hudsonville.