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Nurturing Students in Their Christian Journey

Middle school students praying during chapel at Hudsonville Christian School.


The Middle School at Hudsonville Christian School exists to challenge the minds and lives of our students for Christ. Glorifying Christ in all things (1 Corinthians 10:31) means that our academic standards are set high and we are very intentional about faith formation. Intentionally engaging classroom culture, Christ-following, expert teachers and regular rhythms of prayer and worship ensure students grow in wisdom and truth. We value the partnership we have with parents to help students discover who they are in Christ and pursue His plans for them.

If you have questions about HCS or how we challenge middle school students, contact us!

The middle school principal sitting in his office at Hudsonville Christian School in Michigan.

Thank you for your interest in the Middle School at Hudsonville Christian School!

As a teacher in a Christian school for 16 years and now Principal at Hudsonville Christian Middle School, I know the importance of Christian schools and their impact on students and families. In partnership with parents and the church, Christian education helps students root their life in Christ. We are your teammates. We create opportunities for you to volunteer at school, and invite you to email, call, and text–in good times or if your student is struggling.

At HCS, students discover who they are in Christ and how they relate to the world around them under the guidance of skilled Christian educators. We desire that all our students grow in their love for the Lord and love for others. Rooted in the Word, we are challenging their minds and lives so they might produce fruit. In considering HCS, you are investing in your child, and we would be humbled and privileged to partner with you.

Chris Achterhof,

Middle School Principal

Middle School Fast Facts

Middle School Teachers: 23

Middle School Educational Support Services Staff: 6

Middle School Facilities: 72,600 square feet, 20 classrooms, 2 gyms, 25+ acres

Christian Worldview: Representing 80+ churches, rooted in the Reformed tradition

Standards: Meeting Michigan Board of Education and Common Core standards

Academic Extracurriculars: 10

Athletic Teams: 15

Transportation: Provided by HPS and Unity Busing


Learning Built for Middle Schoolers

Understanding the unique needs of middle school students, we have carefully designed our academic program to cater to their developmental stage. In middle school, students transition between classrooms, learning from multiple teachers and assuming more responsibility for their assignments and tests. Our curriculum includes core subjects such as math, science, language arts, social studies, Bible, and Spanish. We also offer supplementary art, music and exploratory classes. Advanced learning opportunities and Educational Support Services are available to meet the diverse needs of our students.

Advanced Learning & Educational Support Services

Some are great at math or desire a challenge in their reading. Some have to work hard to sit still and unjumble letters. All God’s children have unique strengths and weaknesses. HCS offers advanced classes and educational support services (ESS) for those with everything from cognitive to attention dysfunction needs.
Read more about our Education Support Services or Advanced Learning opportunities, or contact us. We’d love to talk about how we might support your student.

Faith Formation

Building Blocks of Faith

Imagine if your child had the opportunity to document their faith journey and share how God is working in their life each year, from Kindergarten through 8th grade. This is what we call a “Spiritual Portfolio.” It serves as a powerful testimony to the transformative work of God and reflects the continuity of His presence throughout their educational journey.  In addition, our Journey Project allows 8th grade students to select a life verse, create a visual representation of their spiritual journey, and reflect on the impact of their activities, family, and church on their faith. Sharing these projects with their classmates, teachers, and families creates a beautiful atmosphere of celebration and gratitude for how the Lord has worked in their lives during their time at Hudsonville Christian School.

Clubs & Teams

We know that students learn both in the classroom and on the court. Which is why HCS is glad to offer options for students in athletics, arts, and STEM. From Robotics to Yearbook, Soccer to Drama, HCS offers over 20 after-school activities to encourage middle school students to try new things, explore their talents, and be active in our community.

A baseball player pitching during a game at Hudsonville Christian Middle School.


We’d love to talk with you about how HCS can partner with you to challenge the heart and minds of your preschool student. If you are ready to learn more about HCS, we invite you to connect with us, schedule a visit, or RSVP for the Early Childhood Open House.

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