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Middle School

7th Grade

Knowledge and Stewardship

Greater personal responsibility and independence, spiritual formation, and academic comprehension are the main goals of the 7th grade year at HCS. The school day has more condensed classes and increased homework from the previous years. Throughout the year, an intentional focus on being with God, others, and oneself forms the foundation for many activities and out-of-school experiences. Winter Camp is the highlight of the year, a three-day, two-night outdoor education experience. The year concludes with a specific focus on stewardship as our responsibility to God’s creation.


The Bible is the lens through which we look at everything at HCS. It weaves throughout our curriculum, and worship and prayer are daily class activities. Nurturing a delight in studying the Bible and sharing about their faith is paramount for our Christian faith. Students attend and lead at our weekly Chapels and discuss their learning with their teachers and classmates. In addition, students contribute to their Faith Portfolio and complete a grade-specific Faith Capstone activity each year.


In seventh grade, we empower students to grow in knowledge and wisdom in core academic disciplines, various elective subjects, and the Bible. Students engage in problem-based and project-based learning and design and creative thinking. They learn about poetry, prophets, and proportional relationships. Group projects are a regular part of the 7th grade academic experience, and hands-on learning is the norm. All to see students’ minds and lives challenged.

Academic Core Subjects


Language Arts



Social Studies

Academic Electives





Physical Education



Advanced Learning & Educational Support Services

Advanced English Language Arts and Math programs are available for 7th-grade students that qualify. These classes give selected students the chance to work beyond grade level so that they may continue to be engaged academically and offer their unique gifts to the body of Christ.

At the Middle School, the HCS Educational Support Services team provides assistance for specific learning needs while promoting spiritual, social and academic growth of all students. We offer a variety of support for students with learning disabilities, cognitive impairments, emotional impairments, autistic spectrum disorder, attention dysfunctions and anxiety dysfunctions. 


We’d love to talk with you about how HCS can partner with you to challenge the heart and mind of your middle school student. If you are ready to learn more about HCS, we invite you to connect with us using the form below.

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