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Hudsonville Christian School

At Hudsonville Christian School, we are dedicated to challenging the minds and lives of our students for Christ. With an unwavering commitment to Scripture and a fervent pursuit of wisdom, our aim is to empower students to glorify God with every aspect of their being.

Teacher engaging with a student's birthday at HCS.
Preschool kids walking in the hallway at HCS.
Middle school teacher leading chapel at Hudsonville Christian School.

In Your light, we see light.

Psalm 36:9

Our Mission: Challenging Minds and Lives for Christ

Our mission at HCS is to equip students with understanding, character, wisdom, compassion, and a strong faith foundation. By doing so, we help them discover their place in God’s Kingdom and empower them to become witnesses for Christ in the world.

Middle school students writing at desks at HCS

Challenging Minds: Academic Excellence

Infused Curriculum
We incorporate Scripture and principles of the Christian faith into an academically-strong curriculum, fostering a holistic learning experience. Teachers intentionally guide this process, nurturing wisdom and character.
Supplementary Coursework and Service Opportunities
Supplementary coursework and service opportunities build knowledge and Christian character, empowering students to make a positive impact in their communities. Service projects deepen their understanding of serving others.

Challenging Lives: Faith Formation

Comprehensive Faith Development
We cultivate faith through discipleship, fellowship, Scripture study, and worship. Our curriculum, chapels, and spiritual projects nurture students’ faith journeys.
Everything for Christ
Our ultimate purpose is to honor and glorify Christ. We equip students to live devoted lives, impacting the world for Him.
Hudsonville Christian Middle School Chapel

Why HCS?

Choosing Hudsonville Christian School means choosing an education that goes beyond academics. Here’s why we stand out:

  • Academically- and Biblically-Excellent Education
    We provide a rigorous academic curriculum infused with biblical principles, ensuring students receive a well-rounded education that nurtures their heart, mind, and soul (Matt 22:37).
  • Supportive Community
    Our school fosters a supportive community where students, parents, and educators come together to create a nurturing environment that promotes growth, encouragement, and collaboration.
  • Intentional Faith-Formation Experience
    We are committed to providing an intentional faith-formation experience that guides students in deepening their relationship with God and developing a lifelong commitment to their faith.

In the light of God’s truth, we strive to illuminate the path for our students at Hudsonville Christian School. Join us in this transformative journey where education meets faith and hearts are ignited with purpose.

Our Core Values

  1. Daily Discussions of God’s Truth
    We believe in engaging in daily discussions about God’s Truth, helping our students develop a deep understanding of His word and its relevance in their lives.
  2. Weekly Worship
    We come together as a community every week to worship, fostering a sense of unity and reverence as we seek to grow in our faith.
  3. Regular Service
    We encourage our students to serve others regularly, instilling in them a compassionate heart and a desire to positively impact the world around them.
Little girl reading at Hudsonville Christian School

Fast Facts

Founded in 1917

Sprawling across 40 acres with two campuses

Over 6,651 alumni

Supported by seven churches

Three weekly chapels for spiritual growth

Kindergarten teacher leading a song at HCS.

Our Partnership Approach

At Hudsonville Christian School, we recognize the importance of working in partnership with parents and the church. By understanding each student’s abilities, backgrounds, and uniqueness, we strive to provide an education that meets their individual needs, all with the goal of becoming a light in the world.

A teacher shows students insects during teaching time at Hudsonville Christian Preschool's 4 School Nature-Based program.

Student Support

Safe Environment
We prioritize a safe and nurturing environment, valuing students’ well-being and fostering emotional and physical security.

Learning Support
We offer educational support services to meet diverse learning needs, ensuring all students thrive.

Financial Support Support
Our affordable tuition rates, made possible by the support of churches and organizations, make Christian education accessible to families.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HCS community like?

Is HCS affiliated with a church denomination?

How will my child's faith be nurtured?

Will I be able to afford to send my kids here?

What extracurricular opportunities do you offer?

Hudsonville Christian students can choose from an interesting assortment of after school enrichment and athletic activities that encourage additional learning, social interaction and healthy lifestyles, all from a Christian perspective. Extracurricular opportunities vary by grade level and include Math Pentathlon, Brain Busters Game Club, Sport Clinics, Spelling Bee, Robotics Club, 8th grade play, Yearbook Staff, Student Leadership.  Those interested in athletics may also participate in a wide range of intramural and interscholastic sports including soccer, cross country, basketball, golf, swimming, volleyball, wrestling, fast pitch softball, baseball, track and tennis.

What support service do you offer?

Is there a tuition break for families with multiple children enrolled?