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Educational Support

God loves and deeply cares for all of His children, and so do we.

Opportunities for All God’s Children

At Hudsonville Christian School, we believe in challenging the minds and lives of students for success not only in their academic journey but also in the areas of emotional, physical, social, and spiritual development. Our dedicated team of teachers and support staff are committed to fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment for all of God’s children.

Hudsonville Christian School offers a comprehensive range of educational support services designed to nurture and support students of all abilities. Whether a student needs extra assistance with specific subjects, enrichment opportunities, or individualized learning plans, we are here to provide the guidance and support necessary for each child.  From intervention and special education services to advanced placement programs, our goal is to support every student to reach their full potential while growing their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Educational Support Services Offered

Hudsonville Christian School offers a continuum of services, ensuring that student’s unique educational needs are met. The Educational Support Service team provides different levels of support to students with diverse gifts, talents, and challenges.  Whatever the support level may be, we strive to partner, collaborate, and communicate with teachers, students, and parents to facilitate the inclusion of all learners within our school community. Services offered include:

  • Differentiated Instruction (MTSS and Resource)
  • Inclusion
  • Advanced Learning (SOAR and advanced placement classes)

Advanced Learning Opportunities

Elementary Advanced Learning Opportunities

For students in grades 3-8 who are ready for additional academic challenges, HCS offers an advanced learning programs in English Language Arts and Math. Called SOAR, these programs provide qualifying students the chance to work beyond grade level and continue to be engaged academically so they can offer their unique gifts to the body of Christ.

Middle School Advanced Learning Opportunities

Advanced English Language Arts and Math programs in the middle school give selected students the chance to work beyond grade level, so that they may continue to be engaged academically and offer their unique gifts to the body of Christ.
  • 6th Grade: SOAR Math and Language Arts
  • 7th Grade: Connected Math 2 and Language Arts 2
  • 8th Grade: Algebra and Language Arts 2
Hudsonville Christian Middle School Teacher

Contact Educational Support at HCS

Hudsonville Christian Schools wants to partner with you to help nurture and support your student! If you have questions about the educational support services we offer please contact us.

Unified Sports

You haven’t experienced unspeakable joy until you have cheered on the sidelines of a Unified Sports game! Unified Sports is a program supported by Special Olympics Michigan and currently, HCS has a Unified Sports basketball team and soccer team in which students from both the Elementary and Middle School can participate.

Meet The Team

Elementary School ESS Team

  • Mrs. Jenny Gorter, ESS Director
  • Mrs. Emily Bareman
  • Mrs. Sara Billin
  • Mrs. Vicki Brinks
  • Mrs. Sue Courson, Speech and Language Pathologist
  • Mrs. Ann DeBoer
  • Mrs. Anna DeYoung
  • Mrs. Sam Ekdom
  • Mrs. Paige Klooserhouse
  • Mrs. Merissa Harkema
  • Mrs. Patti Schoettley
  • Mrs. Kim Schreur
  • Mrs. Carmen VanDyke
  • Mrs. Kelli VanZweeden
  • Mrs. Brenda VanderPloeg
  • Mrs. Charmaine Veenman
  • Mrs. Sue Walters
  • Mrs. Sara Wassink
  • Mrs. Jill Wiechel

Middle School ESS Team

  • Mrs. Jenny Gorter, ESS Director
  • Mrs. Sarah Bolt, ESS Coordinator
  • Mrs. Kim Atallah
  • Mrs. Katie Heerspink
  • Mrs. Kristen Koetje
  • Mr. Matt Koets
  • Mrs. Gina VanWoerkom
  • Mrs. Jenn Velzen
  • Mrs. Carie Wojtas