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3 School

A teacher interacts during outdoor teaching during 3 School at Hudsonville Christian Preschool.

Think Like Jesus

Observe and wonder about God’s creation.
Praise God with songs and instruments.
Sort, classify, match and create patterns.
This is what preschool looks like at HCS and so much more! Play-based learning and hands-on activities will help your 3-year-old child discover God’s world and grow their abilities. Whether your child is excited about school or a little nervous, our team of teachers is equipped and experienced in helping all children be successful in these early school years.

Fast Facts

Preschool Teachers: 3

Average Class Size: 14

School Start: September 3

Cost: $1,250

Schedule options: 2- half days

Communication: Weekly teacher emails, Weekly all-district newsletters, Photo sharing

An Introduction to Academic Concepts

We believe that young child learn best through play and hands-on activities. We combine that with a developmentally appropriate program that meets the spiritual, academic, social, emotional and physical needs of the child. We expose students in our 3-year-old preschool program to concepts in language, math, science, and pre-writing, as well as various motor, social, and life skills.


In 3-School, children will grow in their love for God through daily:
  • Bible stories
  • Worship
  • Prayer

“Love the Lord your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength” Deuteronomy 6:5


Our goal in 3 School is to help students fall in love with learning. We hope to foster curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving abilities as we learn about:
  • The five senses
  • Community helpers
  • Animals
  • Transportation
  • The Old and New Testament

Emotional Development

Supporting the work you are already doing at home, our students continue to learn to be respectful, kind, and accepting of others as Jesus modeled. We also build their confidence in how wide, long, and deep is the Father’s love for them. (Ephesians 3:18)


3 School students work to develop their gross and fine motor skills.
  • Gross: Run, skip, jump, and hop in the gym
  • Fine: Cutting, pre-writing activities, tracing, working on puzzles, and learning the correct pencil grip.
Students are reminded that our bodies are the temple of God that we need to keep healthy and safe.

Schedule Options

Monday + Wednesday | 8:15 – 10:45 AM

Monday + Wednesday | 12:00 – 2:30 PM

Tuesday + Thursday | 8:15 – 10:45 AM

3 School at HCS

Sample Schedule

  • Greet children / Opening Prayer
  • Circle Time
  • Bible and Praise Time
  • Center Time
  • Outdoor Play
  • Bathroom and Snack Break
  • Whole Group Instruction: Alphabet Instruction, Spanish, Literature, and Art
  • Circle Time / Show-n-Tell / Silly Songs
  • Dismissal

Enrollment Requirements

Hudsonville Christian School admits to its 3 School program any student who comes from a family who supports opportunities for a response to God’s Word and has reached the following milestones before the first day of school:
  • 3 years of age
  • Toilet trained
  • Ready for a group experience away from home and parent(s)

3 School Cost

The cost of 3-School for the 2024-25 is $1,250.

HCS  has a $90 enrollment fee that is then applied to your child’s tuition.

Tuition rate is subject to approval by the HCS Society in March 2024.


We’d love to talk with you about how HCS can partner with you to challenge the heart and minds of your preschool student. Please fill out the form if you are ready to learn more about HCS.

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