Because Hudsonville Christian Middle School views the interscholastic sports program as an extension of the school curriculum, positive Christian development is as much a focus as having fun, learning sports fundamentals and healthy competition. Within our interscholastic athletic program in the middle school, students follow an intentional progression from sixth to eighth grade with the intent of preparing them for high school athletics.

In sixth grade, students are given the opportunity to explore their interest in a variety of sports. Encouraging participation is a key component (there are no cuts), along with providing opportunities for social interaction and learning basic skills. Seventh grade teams focus on skill development and every effort is made to ensure each interested student can participate and have equal playing time. Eighth grade teams will see increased competition, with coaching emphasis on developing higher level skills.  Each sport has one team each for boys and girls and cuts may be made. Playing time will vary, although coaches try to ensure every athlete has a chance to participate in each contest.

Middle School Sports

Fall Soccer Boys 7, 8
Volleyball Girls 7, 8
1-day Golf Tournament Coed 6/7/8
Winter Basketball Boys 6, 7, 8
Girls 6, 7, 8
Volleyball Boys 8
Spring Volleyball Girls 6
Soccer Girls 7/8
Fast Pitch Softball Girls 7/8
Baseball Boys 7, 8
Track Coed 7/8
Tennis Tournament Coed 6/7/8
Tennis Boys 7, 8
Girls 7, 8
Track Coed 6
Swimming Coed 6/7/8

AOK Christian Athletic League

Hudsonville Christian Middle School is a member of the A.O.K. Christian Athletic League, which also includes Adams Christian, Byron Center Christian, Calvin Christian, Dutton Christian, Heritage Christian, Hope Protestant Reformed Christian, Jenison Christian, Legacy Christian, Moline Christian, West Side Christian and Zeeland Christian Schools. The primary goal of this league is to bring glory to God by encouraging teams to perform to the best ability our Lord has given them, keeping them in proper perspective in the life the Lord has called each of us to live.

HCS has an extensive intramural program that includes the traditional sports (soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball) and some group games and activities. Usually students participate with others from their homeroom and try to win points toward their homeroom standing. Everyone is encouraged to participate in intramurals, but if a student is not interested in a particular activity, he/she is not required to participate.

Concussion Awareness
As you know, a new state law was signed last fall to go into effect this school year. Part of the new law requires us to provide educational materials to parents on the signs/symptoms and consequences of concussions. All parents are required to read the information and return a signed statement acknowledging they received and read the information. In addition, all coaching staff will be expected to be trained in concussion awareness as well. If you have any questions feel free to contact Mary Broene or Luke Holtrop.