“Help!  My child struggles to learn!  If elementary school was difficult, how can my child possibly survive middle school?”  Do these questions sound familiar to you?  You will be relieved to know that Hudsonville Christian Middle School welcomes all of God’s children into our classrooms.  We include children of diverse abilities by offering support programs to encourage student success.  The Educational Support Services Program is available in cooperation with All Belong to assist with specific learning needs while promoting spiritual, social and academic growth.

The Educational Support room provides services for students who have been identified with learning disabilities, cognitive impairments, emotional impairments, autistic spectrum, attention dysfunctions and anxiety dysfunctions.

While continued development of math and reading skills are still valued, the focus in middle school is on learning to process information to study for quizzes and tests, finding main ideas for projects and reports, staying organized when moving from classroom to classroom and promptly completing daily assignments, as well as long-term projects.  In addition, helping students build on their strengths and bridge their weaknesses are important aspects of the Educational Support room.

Academically advanced students often work differently and seek out intellectual challenges.  Our advanced English Language Arts and Math program in the middle school give selected students the chance to work beyond grade level, that they may continue to be engaged academically and offer their unique gifts to the body of Christ and to society.

The staff, as well as the administrators and general education teachers, are committed to developing these skills with their students in a safe environment with independence as the goal.

Spiritual wellness and growth is a priority.  The classroom atmosphere with small groups invites discussions of faith in everyday living.  Students are encouraged to ask spiritual questions as well as academic questions.

Good choices based on a Christian viewpoint are processed with students as they face obstacles.  As we support learners with varying needs, we are grateful to God that Hudsonville Christian can be used for “Challenging minds and lives for Christ” regardless of academic ability.

ESS Program Structure