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Hudsonville Christian School
(Early Childhood Office)

Entrance off of Spring Street
3435 Oak Street
Hudsonville, MI 49426

Early Childhood Director – Julie Moes
Phone: 616-669-7486

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Preschool Schedule

A typical day at Hudsonville Christian Preschool:

  • Greet children / Opening Prayer
  • Circle Time
  • Bible and Praise Time
  • Center Time
  • Outdoor Play
  • Bathroom and Snack Break
  • Whole Group Instruction (Alphabet Instruction, Spanish, Literature, Art)
  • Circle Time / Show-n-Tell / Silly Songs
  • Prepare to go home
  • Dismissal

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Academic Excellence

Hudsonville Christian School is committed to high academic standards and that commitment starts with our 3 School program. Small class sizes and committed teachers create the ideal atmosphere for early childhood learning and preparing students to excel in kindergarten and beyond. Research indicates that the most successful early childhood education programs introduce academic work without pressure for mastery. Therefore, children in our Preschool program are imaginatively exposed to academic concepts in language, math, science and Spanish, as well as motor, social and life skills that they will later master in Kindergarten. Our Preschool emphasizes readiness skills and self esteem as learners and image bearers of our Creator.

Learning Objectives

  • Independence and self-management skills
  • Awareness of others and importance of cooperation
  • Sense of pattern, routine, consistency, predictability and order
  • Respect for learning and taking responsibility for academic tasks
  • Awe and wonder of God’s Creation
  • Awareness of self as having a place in God’s Kingdom

Learning Through Play

The activity in the Preschool room may look like children’s play, and it is. Play is the avenue to learning at this stage, and our classes are carefully structured to allow children plenty of opportunities to explore and grow in a loving, relaxed atmosphere. Children listen to and talk about Bible stories, sing and dance to music and learn about nature in a large group setting. They can also choose from a variety of small group activities that involve manipulating objects, problem solving, measuring and pretending.

Gifted Teachers

Our Preschool teachers have been specially chosen on the basis of personal commitment to Jesus Christ as well as professional preparation for, experience in and philosophy regarding early childhood education. Each is certified by the state of Michigan and assisted by an experienced paraprofessional aide.

Call our Early Childhood Office at 669-7486 or email us today for more information about our Preschool programs or to schedule a time to see Preschool in action.

For more Preschool enrollment information, please visit Early Childhood Enrollment.

In Partnership with Parents

We recognize the importance of parental involvement and communication. To foster that partnership, we encourage parents to be involved in ongoing activities within our weekly routine and to attend occasional special events, like field trips and special days.  We also communicate through a weekly home bulletin, called The Home Communicator, which includes school news, announcements, and upcoming events.  It is sent home each Tuesday via email. If you would prefer to receive a paper copy of The Home Communicator, please call the school office at 669-6689. Parents will also receive a weekly newsletter and a monthly calendar from their Preschool teacher.

Preschool at HCS can be FREE!

Parents, have you heard about our Preschool Grant? A portion of your child’s 4 School tuition will be reimbursed to you via a tuition reduction if your child is enrolled at Hudsonville Christian for Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades. The reduction is taken from your child’s tuition over three years; a third when you enroll your child in Kindergarten, a third when you enroll your child in 1st grade and a third when you enroll your child in 2nd grade. If your child goes to Young 5s at HCS, your tuition credit will be held until their Kindergarten year and will continue when your child is enrolled in 1st and 2nd grades.

If your child attends 3 School and the following year attends Young 5s, they are eligible for the Young 5s Grant. If you enroll your child in Young 5s at Hudsonville Christian and if your child did not attend 4 School at Hudsonville Christian, we would like to offer you a $1,000 grant contingent on enrolling your child in Kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade at Hudsonville Christian. You will receive $1,000 over the next three years in the form of a tuition deduction – one third when you enroll your child in Kindergarten, one third when you enroll your child in 1st grade and one third when you enroll your child in 2nd grade.

Kids' Corner Childcare

Exploration Night Booklet

Exploration Night Booklet

Preschool Goals

Kindergarten Readiness

Paths to Kindergarten

A Glimpse of Our Early Childhood Classes

Preschool Schedule Options

3 School Options

Days Times Cost
Monday and Wednesday morning 8:15 – 10:45 $795
Monday and Wednesday afternoon 12:00 – 2:30 $795
Tuesday and Thursday morning 8:15 – 10:45 $795

Information on 3 School

3 School Paper Enrollment Form

3 School Online Enrollment Form

4 School Traditional Options

2 Days Per Week

Days Times Cost
Monday and Wednesday morning 8:15 – 11:00 $915
Tuesday and Thursday morning 8:15 – 11:00 $915


3 Days Per Week

Days Times Cost
Monday / Wednesday / Friday morning 8:15 – 11:00 $1380
Monday / Wednesday / Friday afternoon 12:00 – 2:30 $1380
Tuesday / Thursday / Friday morning 8:15 – 11:00 $1380

Information on 4 School

4 School Paper Enrollment Form

4 School Online Enrollment Form

4 School Nature-Based Options

Hudsonville Christian Nature-Based 4 School offers several scheduling options.  A child may attend from 2 half days (minimum) up to 5 half days per week, Monday – Friday (AM) and Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday (PM).  Once parents choose the schedule, the child attends those set days. Choose the morning session (8:15 – 11:00 am) or the afternoon session (12:00 – 2:30 pm).  All schedule options are subject to sufficient enrollment.

2 – 5 Days Per Week – Morning or Afternoon

Days Times Cost
Monday – Friday Mornings 8:15 – 11:00 2 Day – $915
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Afternoons 12:00 – 2:30 3 Day – $1380
4 Day – $1830
5 Day – $2290

Information on 4 School Nature-Based

Nature-Based 4 School Paper Enrollment Form

Nature-Based 4 School Online Enrollment Form

Young 5s Options

Days Times Cost
Monday/Wednesday full day and Friday morning 7:50 – 2:40 – full day $3400
Tuesday/Thursday full day and Friday afternoon 7:50 – 2:40 – full day $3400
7:50 – 11:00 AM / 12:00 – 2:40 PM

Information on Young 5s

Young 5s Paper Enrollment Form

Young 5s Online Enrollment Form

Kindergarten Options

Days Times Cost
3 Day/4 Day transition -Tuesday/Thursday/Friday (add Monday after Christmas) 7:50 – 2:40 $4500
4 Day – Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 7:50 – 2:40 $4495
5 Day – Monday-Friday 7:50 – 2:40 $6250

Information on Kindergarten

Kindergarten Paper Enrollment Form

Kindergarten Online Enrollment Form

All schedule options are subject to sufficient enrollment.